M-PLIFY en AlarmTILT maken nu deel uit van F24 Kom meer te weten

Al het nieuws d'AlarmTILT®

In the goal of providing you with a more effective solution that can handle any situation, AlarmTILT® is now interfaced with a new kind of network dedicated to connected objects.

The unique feature of this network is that it is completely independent from the networks normally used, such as GSM, 4G, Internet, etc. It works in low bandwidth and enables an object to provide information to the AlarmTILT® system to trigger an alert procedure.

The strength of this network, and AlarmTILT®’s interest in connecting to it is that you can trigger alert procedures through connected objects such as buttons, sensors, etc. in the event that mobile networks and the internet are down.
Beyond its independence, this network provides a greater reach than the networks generally used as well as a high level of security.

Connecting AlarmTILT® to this network opens many new possibilities. Now you can connect sensor, buttons and all kinds of objects as well as procedure triggers.

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