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U kan AlarmTILT® terugvinden als officiële partner op de 7e editie van het Symposium Geneeskunde van het Eerste Uur (SYMPOMED), op 17 november in Brussel.

Experience day luxembourg

Kom naar de bijeenkomst met professionals op het gebied van crisimanagement en het team van AlarmTILT® tijdens de 7e editie van onze AlarmTILT® Experience Day.


Pour la 6ème édition de notre AlarmTILT Experience Day, le Plan de Continuité d'Activité (BCM) et le Centre de Gestion de Crise (CMC) ont été à l'honneur. Avec les présentations de nos clients KBL European Private Bankers et le CHEM nous avons pu constater l'importance d'AlarmTILT dans votre stratégie et vos procédures de gestion de crises. Nous sommes heureux d'avoir pu vous réunir pour échanger sur votre retour d'expérience.

AlarmTILT® Experience Day Belgium

The first AlarmTILT® Experience Day was a fantastic day of exchange and sharing!

cybersecurity and crisis management system

As increasingly more companies go online, professionals in all sectors font are now facing a new threat that has already caused some damage last year.

Alexandre Guilbert, 31 years old, came to reinforce our team as a Digital Marketing Officer to contribute at our marketing strategy and our growth.

AlarmTILT France

We’ve been talking about it for a long time, you’ve been waiting for it for a long time… and now it’s become a reality! AlarmTILT® is opening new offices in France!

crisis management system alarmTILT official partner of Camille claudel promotion

This year and for the first time, AlarmTILT® has become and official partner of l’Association des Elèves Directeurs d’Hôpital - the Camille Claudel promotion (2017-2018) of the l’Ecole de Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique de Rennes (Rennes School of Advanced Studies in Public Health).

Yaakoub Borji, 26 years old, has joined us as a Java Developer to contribute to the development of our product AlarmTILT®.

AlarmTILT® Experience Day en Belgique

Come share your best crisis and emergency management practices and experiences during our 1st edition of AlarmTILT® Experience Day in Belgium!

AlarmTILT Next

In 2018, AlarmTILT® will shed its skin by revealing a major update to your crisis management and mass alert tool. This is expected during 2018.

M-PLIFY S.A. consolidates its external growth strategy with the acquisition of eNoxus Communication bvba.

Ransomhack GDPR

Over the past few years cybercrime has become a real source of crisis for a great number of companies. The topic of personal information, in the spotlight this year, has inspired hackers and cybercriminals to find ways to exploit the GDPR’s newness as well as the vulnerability of the companies dealing with it.

AlarmTILT Experience Day

In 2018 there are 2 events for twice as much interaction!

Reda Messoudi, 27 years old, has joined us as a Junior Java Developer to contribute to the development of our product AlarmTILT®.

Symposium Acute Geneeskunde

Op 4 mei treft u AlarmTILT® Belgium aan op het Symposium Acute Geneeskunde rond thema's van intensieve zorgen en gespecialiseerde intensieve zorgen, georganiseerd door het Regionaal Ziekenhuis van Hoei.

Button Trigger Alert IT AlarmTILT

AlarmTILT® is expanding its “family” of alert triggers. Now you have access to a physical button to trigger your crisis alert procedures.

Ils sont venus écouter, échanger avec nos clients et les membres de notre équipe.
Pour cette édition, plus d’une soixantaine de participants ont assisté à cet événement.

Dhr. Cédric Compagnon komt ons team versterken als Product Manager. Het jaar is dus alvast goed begonnen.
Intuïtieve gebruikersinterfaces zijn z'n stokpaardje, maar vooral cryptomunten en filmsets weten hem te boeien.

Secure network IT alerte crisis

In the goal of providing you with a more effective solution that can handle any situation, AlarmTILT® is now interfaced with a new kind of network dedicated to connected objects.

Following the incident that occurred June 14, 2016 on the ArcelorMittal site, Dan Kersch, Minister for the Interior Luxembourg, announces the establishment of a new alert service to the population. During this interview for the RTL news program, he said that this AlarmTILT® service being extended in the Government, will be operational by the end of the year.

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certification AlarmTILT best practice

Optimaliseer uw crisis- en noodmanagement met onze opleiding over het beheer van AlarmTILT® en haal het certificaat AlarmTILT® Best Practice.
Met dat certificaat versterkt u uw merkimago in de ogen van uw partners, leveranciers en klanten.

AlarmTILT on

A hospital IT news site in France published an article about AlarmTILT® on its website!

A disaster exercise in case of MASH plan was simulated this Tuesday, June 14 by the managers of the Liege's CHC.

AlarmTILT Experience Day 2018

Op 17 april vindt de zevende editie van ons evenement rond crisismanagement plaats in Luxemburg.

Sébastien Pizzol has joigned us as a Business Developer.

Salesforce certified expert, he will support our sales strategy and analyze possible development opportunities.

The new version of AlarmTILT® Mobile, 4.0.1 was published on Juin 14, 2016.

AlarmTILT neemt deel aan de Paris Healthcare Week 2018!

Ontmoet onze deskundigen op onze stand (locatie N3 - sector HIT - 29-31 mei 2018) en ontdek live de oplossing AlarmTILT voor het management van uw noodsituaties, rampenplannen en waarschuwingen.

New update is available for AlarmTILT® app' since the 20/06/2017.

Arendt Services and EBRC decided to work together for a strategy that ensures the continuity of their operations even in a crisis.

Their continuity plans of activities implemented AlarmTILT® for emergency notifications, especially in case of fire, flood, ... to evacuate personnel on emergency sites.

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