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Mass notification system

Alert and Communicate

Mass notifications system

Notify as many people as possible in a minimum of time.The AlarmTILT® solution enables you to alert all your employees and visitors with ease. The people alerted will be informed of the situation and can respond accordingly, following the instructions you have given them.

Send the right message to the right people

Alerting quickly is good, but transmitting specific messages to the right people is betterWith AlarmTILT®, you can send different messages depending on the people to contact in your crisis process. You can alert the key teams to resolve the problem by giving them specific information. This guarantees you a timely and quality crisis intervention and your business continuity plan will be implemented in record time.

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Bring Key Players Together

CMC: Your Crisis Management Centre

Share in complete securityBeyond providing a simple place to share information and archiving, the virtual crisis unit available in the AlarmTILT® CMC (Crisis Management Centre), enables you to share documents, photos, or archives in complete security.
Once everything returns to normal, all the discussions and files exchanged are archived and accessible through your AlarmTILT® interface.

Crisis unit

Gather those absent in real-timeWith AlarmTILT®, you can trigger a virtual crisis unit accessible from wherever you may be, using your preferred device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can also assemble the various key players in a real location, whether internal or external to your organisation.

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Crisis unit system
Monitor and analyse crisis in real time

Monitor and Analyse the Crisis

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor progress Monitor the crisis progress in real-time. From the AlarmTILT® interface you can see who responded to your alert (as well as their response) in real-time.
Follow your process’ progress at any time and transmit the necessary information to your employees through a secure and easily accessible information feed.

Continuous Improvement

Analyse the process and correct any defects After the crisis, get a full report and history on the situation based on the process triggered. Easily identify anything that did not work as well as you would have liked and take steps to improve your crisis management strategy to be even more responsive.

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