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An notification and mass alert system will ensure the security of your company or organization and limit the risks to your economy and your brand. Through prevention work, you will be ready to in an emergency case.

1. What is it ?

A notification and mass alert system enables you, in an emergency or crisis situation, to automatically send targeted information messages to the appropriate people. When an alarm sounds, this kind of communication will ensure your organisation’s security and will limit the impacts on your business and your brand image.

To protect your organisation and the effectiveness of emergency services, rigorous preventative work is required. You must implement a risk management plan based on proven scenarios and train the population or your employees so that they will be ready when a disaster occurs.

2. The set-up

A notification system is used to implement emergency scenarios in order to individually or simultaneously notify employees, fellow citizens, emergency services, by sharing information through targeted messages.

When the alarm sounds, the population will be made safe more quickly without any questions and emergency services will be more effective.

AlarmTILT® is an effective, evolving, flexible notification system that will suit all your needs.

3. The infrastructure

A notification system allows you to notify your teams, a particular group of people or even the authorities, such as the media, the fire department, emergency services, etc., at any time, if needed.

The information entered into this system is very sensitive. It can contain telephone numbers for key people or influential people within an organisation, a directory with a team’s personnel information, or even the content of messages sent during crisis management. The solution must therefore be protected and secured against theft or loss of this sensitive information.

During a network outage, your notification system must be independent from your infrastructure and completely reliable, which means it must be available almost 100% of the time. Don’t hesitate to request reports indicating the system’s availability level.

Lastly, users must be able to easily access the notification system at all times, which means that it can be accessed by simply connecting to the internet.

4. Case of use

A notification system is used during a crisis, catastrophe, or loss involving risks that the company will have to face. It can also be used to send automatic reminders to teams, to make decisions, to communicate with employees, etc. It can be used in many ways. Each company will create one or more scenarios so that they are able to efficiently manage difficult situations. This way, you can control the impact it has on your teams, employees and customers.

5. How can AlarmTILT® help me implement a notification system?

Before implementing a notification system, the company must first conduct an analysis phase in order to implement the best strategy for its needs. It must establish a Business Continuity Plan.

AlarmTILT® helps design the procedures according to the plan’s structure. The information will be centralised and every authorised employee in the company’s network will have access to it.

AlarmTILT® is an accessible, intuitive and robust system built on many years of experience and certifications in the BCP field. Our teams will collaborate and oversee the implementation every step of the way. Our specialists are available to notify you and advise you. Your Crisis Management Center will be operational on d-day.

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