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Crisis, emergencies and BCP resources center.

A Crisis Management Center (CMC) is a solution for a company seeking to protect itself in the event of a crisis. It is used to better control risk management.

1. What is a Crisis Management Center (CMC)?

A Crisis Management Center is used to organise crisis management in order to deal with a critical situation as effectively as possible. A Crisis Management Center organises the key people who will be handling the logistics involved in a disaster, evaluating the risks and resources required, centralising information and determining the communication strategy.

AlarmTILT® software provides a crisis and emergency management tool (Crisis Management Center/CMC) that enables key people to meet virtually, wherever they may be in the world.

Without prevention, it is risky to expect to mobilise the proper resources when a crisis occurs. With this tool, you can control your risk of a crisis. You can make informed decisions and you will be able to securely deliver messages to a targeted population.

2. Who needs a Crisis Management Center?

A Crisis Management Center can be used by any business or company seeking to control the potential risks resulting from an incident and is also used for efficient communication with partners, employees and teams.

Information is communicated through chat with all members connected to the system. Tasks are more optimally organised and on-the-ground is faster.

3. Why is it important to have a Crisis Management Center?

A Crisis Management Center will help assemble a crisis unit in just a few minutes. It will centralise and facilitate the exchange of information between partners, send emergency and notification messages, facilitate decision-making, initiate the proper conduct to follow in case of an incident, etc.

Automating this process helps the company respond more effectively to a disaster. Quick action will be taken and developments will be monitored and available in real time. Thanks to discussions between the stakeholders, pre-established team notification procedures will be easily and safely triggered.

A crisis management plan that is implemented based on well thought-out strategies and combined with a system like the CMC will serve as a preventative measure to ensure people are safe. It will also limit the company’s financial losses.

4. When should a Crisis Management Center be used?

A company will use a Crisis Management Center to inform and exchange with the organisation’s key people and manage incidents, natural disasters or any major crises.

The system, which is designed based on the company’s crisis management plan, will centralise communication and ensure exchanges and decisions are tracked for the duration of the crisis.

5. How can AlarmTILT® help me implement a Crisis Management Center?

You will benefit from our specialists’ help and advice as we assist you to implement your Business Continuity Plan on both the structural and organisational levels. A strategy will be clearly defined.

Knowledge is amassed at the beginning of the project, and is used to identify any weaknesses, to make improvements and then train the people in your company who will be using the notification and mass alert system and the Crisis Management Center.

Your Crisis Management Center (CMC) will be ready to handle an emergency situation.

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