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In case of disaster, your organization or company have to be prepared. A Business Continuity Planning is essential to identify risks, threats and vulnerabilities that could have an impact on your resources and process. It's really important for an effective response and a quick recovery program.

1. What is a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?

A Business Continuity Plan contains all the measures required to ensure that a business’ essential services are sustained during a variety of crisis scenarios (including dealing with extreme shock). A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) involves performing a risk analysis in order to be able to contemplate and plan to contend with many scenarios. These can include an IT problem, a data breach, a natural disaster at a specific location, fire, etc.

The Business Continuity Plan ensures the sustained provision of the business’ essential services, such as arranging some services to be provided at a backup site, for example. Then, it is used to organise the resumption of business activities.

2. Who needs a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is essential in the financial and aviation sectors as well as in other small and mid-sized businesses where the risk of any interruption to critical business activities may result in financial loss or damage the business reputation.

In fact, responding properly to a variety scenarios by sending a clear, concise notification through a crisis and emergency management system helps gain credibility with employees and customers.

3. What is the objective of a Business Continuity Plan ?

Research and prevention work has to be undertaken in order to establish strategies that can respond effectively to a disaster scenario, an alert or a software failure, for example. The role of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is to anticipate, prevent and be ready in the event of an operational danger or risk. It strengthens the company’s resilience. It will serve to coordinate the various actions to undertake, and to respond quickly by bringing the right people together.

By providing differing levels of urgency, you will be able to decide whether or not to send a message to the public or to the appropriate civil authorities. In case of a serious incident that could jeopardise the health and safety of employees, the authorities may require this information so that they can deploy the appropriate assistance.

Lastly, the Business Continuity Plan will ensure that normal business activities resume as quickly as possible.

4. How do I identify my business risks?

Risk management and control related to change is essential to ensure a company’s sustainability. One or more crisis risk analyses are required:

  • Analyse the operational repercussions: In a crisis scenario, what essential activities and processes are required to sustain the business?
  • Analyse IT risks: Are computers essential to operate the business properly? If yes, what impacts will need to be faced?
  • Analyse chemical, flood or fire risks: Does the company use any flammable hazardous substances? Is it located in a flood risk area? Is it surrounded by other businesses using hazardous substances? Other nearby risks can cause a loss, whether internal or external.

5. Which risk scenarios should be considered?

In the aviation or finance sectors, there are a variety of risks to consider. These can be losses impacting public safety, or losses impacting the company’s financial stability.

In aviation, it can be:

  • An airplane malfunction or crash
  • A crashed drone
  • A technical failure
  • Being behind schedule
  • A passenger in discomfort or removed from the terminal or at the security checkpoint

In the finance sector, it can be:

  • A computer failure
  • An IT problem, directly impacting the proper operation of the infrastructure
  • A security system hacking attempt
  • A data centre problem

In industry, it can be:

  • A mechanical failure
  • A fire or any other incident resulting in a production stoppage

In all cases, identifying the risk of loss requires reflection and analysis in order to create a plan to contend with a variety of scenarios as well as highly unlikely situations.

6. How can AlarmTILT® help me implement a Business Continuity Plan?

A notification system will not constitute your business continuity plan, but it will help you implement the right strategy. It will, however, be able to manage scheduling for different teams, so that the appropriate team will be alerted depending on the date/time of the incident. AlarmTILT® will also enable you to activate different steps of your plan, depending on certain criteria.

The AlarmTILT® team is certified and qualified in “Business Continuity Plans” (BCP). With its experience in this field, it can provide guidance when building your plan by suggesting a “standard” plan, for example.

You have to define your strategy before setting up a notification system.

AlarmTILT® is an intuitive notification system that enables you to develop your procedures at your own pace.

7. Why do I need a notification system in my Business Continuity Plan?

A notification and mass alert system will provide you with an automated Business Continuity Plan (BCP). In the event of a serious or minor incident, all you’ll have to do is push a button to notify your employees.

Because your notification system’s data is independent from your business’ data, it enables you to communicate even if all of your normal communication methods are offline.

A notification system can notify the authorities of an imminent danger through quick, efficient messages, which enables them to take preventative measures to protect the population and via a Crisis Management Center you will assemble a crisis unit in just a few minutes.

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