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Your data are safe.

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Your data are secure, your crisis and emergencies management system always available.

IT security

Security is a major challenge for our company as well as for all the players involved in it. We constantly monitor and improve our application, as well as the IT systems and processes, in order to meet the requirements and the challenges of security.
AlarmTILT®'s IT infrastructure is redundant over three sites located in Luxembourg, France and Germany.




We have selected Qualys* in order to continually monitor all the security aspects of our AlarmTILT® application. Qualys provides security risk management solutions to manage IT and compliance in SaaS mode.


Anti hack & intrusion test

During an annual audit, our service's security is tested. Multiple intrusion tests are conducted as well as various DOS or Web attacks. The objective being to determine the attack vectors, test them and then evaluate the risks incurred in order to remove them.

Test d'intrusion

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AlarmTILT® complies with the provisions imposed by the “National Commission for Data Protection” and the "GDPR", with regards to handling personal information in Europe, with a high security level guarantee.


AlarmTILT® is a hosted solution (SaaS), The tool is completely independent from your IT structure. Even if your servers are shut down you can use AlarmTILT® to manage your crisis from anywhere.

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