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Administration Premium Professional Enterprise
User account
Single user to connect to AlarmTILT®.
multiple multiple multiple
User roles (default)
Permissions are built on a RBAC (Role Based Access Control). A role can be attributed to one or more contacts.
2 5 6

User role customisation
Possibility to create new custom roles and to customize if necessary.


Directory Premium Professional Enterprise
Dynamique selection
Defines a query that returns contacts fulfilling the requirement at a given time; for example all contacts that are linked to the "Crisis Cell" function.
Import/export of contacts
Allows you to import or export the directory to Excel to perform maintenance tasks, for example.
Contact data update request
Send email to check and update contact data.
The attributes alow you to add specifications to contacts (ex. function (doctor, fireguard, ...). These attributes can be used in dynamic selection.
6 unlimited unlimited
Global alert scheme
Every contact has its own personal alert scheme. It defines the order in which the contact will receive an alert (SMS, then email, then voice, for example), the global alert scheme allows to create other schemes (send a message only by SMS for exemple).
1 unlimited unlimited
Hiding user data
The contact details of a contact considered sensitive or personal may be hidden

Crisis Management Center Premium Professional Enterprise
Centralize and manage all of a crisis in a place accessible from around the world: launch procedure, telephone conference, chat system, document sharing.

Multi-Department Setup Premium Professional Enterprise
Additional management unit (account)
Allows you to have multiple units with their own directory and procedure list, under one AlarmTILT® license. A company based in France and Luxembourg for example, may have two separate units without the need of multiple licenses.
Management units interconnections
Directory, procedures or attributes between management units can be shared (in the same licence).

Calendar Premium Professional Enterprise
Different calendars to manage on-call schedules for example.
2 10 unlimited

Messaging Premium Professional Enterprise
Message delivery status
Indicator of the status of each sent message (sent, delivered, mobile unreachable).
Procedure designer
Graphical tool to build complex alert workflows.
Alert Procedures
Maximum number of procedures that can be active in the account.
3 unlimited unlimited
User defined access rigths for procedure launch
Possibility to limit trigger and access to some contacts in the directory for specific procedures.
Review procedure
Possibility to update a procedure after launching (with new information) without the need of launching a new one.
Close procedure
Prevents any changes or modifications on executed procedures.
Personalised originator
Possibility to personalize the message's originator for SMS and email.
1 1 Per management unit

Trigger (Alert procedure trigger) Premium Professional Enterprise
AlarmTILT® web access / web form
A web form guides and assists the user when filling in the needed information that is required depending on the procedure. These information is used to define the destination list and/or used in the outgoing messages.
Smartphone (iphone,android)
Mobile trigger via a free app available on the Apple or Google Play Store.
Trigger a procedure via structured or unstructured and thus enabling the interfacing with other 3rd party systems.
Web services
Procedure trigger via a SOAP request.
Voice calls/SMS
Launch a procedure via a phone number or via a SMS
Paid option Paid option Paid option
Call center (24/24 – 7/7)
Procedures can be launched by a human operator.
Paid option Paid option Paid option

Reporting Premium Professional Enterprise
Execution reports
Overview of a launched procedure: execution time, list of recipients, answers, delivery time, ...).

Message delivery channels Premium Professional Enterprise
Sending outgoing notifications via Email
Sending outgoing notifications via SMS
Long SMS
SMS > 160 characters
Voice calls
Written messages are automatically converted to a voice message using "Text to speech" technology
Push smartphone (iphone, Android)
Sending push notifications.
Conference call
Discussion between several people via phone call.
Web thread alerts
Posting notifications to a Web Page (with URL)

Security Premium Professional Enterprise
Secured access
Application access with a secured HTTPS protocol. Level 1 / min 6 characters or level 2 / min 8 characters

SLA Premium Professional Enterprise
Data storage
The period during which the non-static data (messages, access history, etc.) will remain available to the customer.
12 month 12 month 24 month
Messaging priority
Defines the order in which outgoing messages will be processed.
High High priotiy Top priority
Live chat
Live chat online to get in touch with our Helpdesk
Mail support
Email can be sent to our Helpdesk.
Phone support during working hours
Phone call to our Helpdesk.
Support 24/24 – 7/7
Helpdesk available 24/24, 7 days a week.
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User interface Premium Professional Enterprise
Provision of a features catalogue that facilitates integration with other systems via SOAP request.