Raiffeisen Bank

Image Raiffeisen«When a crisis occurs, you have to work with urgency and under constant stress. Using AlarmTILT® has helped us improve our crisis communication. With AlarmTILT®, we have the contact information for all of our employees and other stakeholders, which enables us to have efficient "issue management»

Patrick Borschette,
Executive Assistant - Facility Management

As a leading Luxembourg cooperative financial group, Raiffeisen undertakes, for more than 80 years, to support and work in the sole interests of its customers and members. With a network of more than 40 branches, Raiffeisen helps individuals with their daily banking, financing their projects and managing their savings and investments. Raiffeisen Bank's objectives are to provide quality products and services while building strong and lasting relationships with all of its customers, partners and members.

The Challenge

Under the European Directive on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (Council Directive 2008/114/EC (8)), Raiffeisen Bank decided to invest in crsis communication and to better prepare itself for an emergency. The main goal was to quickly alert many key people and to follow the evolution after triggering a procedure. In this context, Raiffeisen Bank selected the AlarmTILT® solution to manage its communication during incidents and emergency situations.

The AlarmTILT® Solution

AlarmTILT® is an alerting and crisis management solution, used particularly in the financial sector for Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery.

In November 2014, Raiffeisen Bank selected AlarmTILT® for three different scenarios:

  • Convening in the crisis unit
  • Evacuating personnel
  • Notifying personnel outside of normal working hours in case of temporary inactivity

The Benefits

Since implementing AlarmTILT®, Raiffeisen Bank benefits from many advantages:

  • Skill to face a crisis situation of any size
  • Ability to quickly and easily contact a substantial number of people at any time
  • Availability of an incident management report and traceability
  • Maintenance independent from the internal infrastructure
  • Time savings