CHRU – Hôpital Universitaire Strasbourg

Cargolux« AlarmTILT® allowed us to significantly reduce the time to assemble a crisis team. Over the years , the software has been implemented in several key departments of the hospital such as security , emergencies ... Moreover its several updates and developments make this product evolutionary, and able to adapt to each structure that uses it. »

Céline HEITZ,
Crisis Manager

Strasbourg University Hospitals (HUS) is comprised of six establishments located in the Strasbourg region and provides 2,383 beds and 347 places. It has the status of regional and university hospitals (CHRU), which is the only CHRU in the Alsace region and its largest employer, with 12,000 employees.

The Challenge

In 2008, HUS decided to replace its current alert system, carried out by employees and standard, by a automatical solution enable to manage, by a simple, quick and efficiently way, the alerting of a huge number of collaborators in case of triggering of a white plan / red plan. The proposed solution had to meet the following requirements:

  • Being fully hosted outside of the HUS site, to prevent blocking the site’s telephone lines during notification alerts
  • Having a quick system implementation keeping HUS free of any specific development or IT system interface
  • Having a reliable and redundant platform, which has proven its effective in similar context of use, meeting the latest safety standards

The AlarmTILT® Solution

Following HUS officials’ final decision in June 2008, AlarmTILT® was implemented and preconfigured. With AlarmTILT®, a HUS crisis manager can quickly convene a crisis unit, and within the same procedure, alert members of personnel in a targeted manner based on the skillsets required. Wherever they may be, the appropriate parties are notified by voice call, SMS, or email, according to pre-established or ad-hoc alert procedures. They acknowledge the alerts directly when notified, and the manager sees on-screen in real time who is available or not and who has not yet responded. Intervention reports and messages and response statuses are automatically created, and can be sent to the appropriate managers in PDF or Excel format during or after the crisis. These reports can be audited to improve the current procedures in order to optimise the existing resources.

The Benefits

Using AlarmTILT® has enabled Strasbourg University Hospitals to improve responsiveness in case of crisis. Officials were able to obtain optimal efficiency through smart information targeting. The follow-up provides a real view of the situation and the availability of personal as well as the transmitted information. Managing the alerts from outside the crisis location eliminates the risk of a system malfunction in case of outage on site.