Centre Hospitalier Chrétien (CHC) de Liège

CHC«In the old system, a person had to make telephone calls and became quickly overwhelmed. A reinforcement (backup) procedure could easily take a half-hour to an hour. The pre-configured automated system will enable us to notify all our reinforcements with a single click! »

Doctor Philippe Olivier
Medical Director

The Centre Hospitalier Chrétien (CHC) is made up of several clinics, polyclinics and nursing homes in Province de Liège, a result of the merger between the Saint-Joseph Clinics and the Centre Hospitalier Saint-Vincent – Sainte Elisabeth. It is one of the major hospital groups in Province de Liège.
The CHC has 1000 hospital beds and 700 nursing home spaces, and employs 900 healthcare providers and independents, as well as 3750 members of personnel.
The Saint-Joseph site is located downtown on n° 75 rue de Hesbaye, and provides a multitude of healthcare services including geriatrics, urology, cardiology, oncology, gastroenterology, temporary hospitalisation, orthopaedic and vascular surgery, etc.

The challenge

In 2011, shortly before the Place Saint-Lambert shooting, the CHC decided to invest in crisis communication in order to automate notifying the crisis unit and the doctors in the event a “MASH plan” (a protocol used to alert hospital services) was triggered. This tragic event emphasised the need to have an effective communication tool in order to save valuable time during an incident.
The goal was to find a solution to notify all the key crisis management players while providing clear, accurate information as simply and efficiently as possible in order to be able to make the best decisions possible.
With that in mind, the CHC selected the AlarmTILT® solution to manage its communication during an emergency situation.
Today, after 4 years of rethinking and updating the “MASH plan”, the hospital is better prepared to deal with this kind of incident.

The AlarmTILT® Solution

AlarmTILT® is an emergency procedures and advanced notice management solution used during crisis situations that automatically notifies key players over many channels.
In June 2016 the CHC tested AlarmTILT®’s effectiveness during a full-scale exercise:

    • Calling the crisis unit
    • Connecting to a chat to follow the crisis’ progress without being physically present in the crisis unit
    • Notifying the appropriate number healthcare personnel

The reasons that lead to choosing AlarmTILT® were obvious for Philippe Olivier, the CHC’s Medical Director: “In the old system, an operator had to call people manually, which could take 30 minutes to an hour sometimes. Thanks to AlarmTILT’s preconfigured, automated procedures, everyone was notified with one click.”

The Benefits

The full-scale exercise conducted on June 14, 2016 revealed AlarmTILT®’s power. The coordinators were able to follow the crisis’ progress via the CMC or chat online using a smartphone at any time. The Emergency Manager was able to communicate and send photos at any time in order to report the magnitude of the situation to the crisis unit.

Doctors were notified in a few minutes. A monitoring procedure showed the number of people who would be returning to the site as well as their names. When a doctor responded “yes”, a confirmation was sent to them; and when the required number was reached, a message was sent to those who had not responded.

The AlarmTILT® solution helped the CHC save valuable minutes and energy. The people who had to do manual notifications previously were able to help in other areas, and communication between the sites is ensured.