Cargolux« With AlarmTILT®, we implemented our own procedures and emergency call scenarios ourselves in compliance with our emergency manuals. We test them regularly by involving our internal emergency teams. In case of a major incident or an accident on site, these teams can be notified from anywhere using AlarmTILT®, through any means possible, wherever they may be. It is essential for efficient management of crisis to know who is available within a few minutes.»

Luc Loschetter,
Occupational Health & Safety

Cargolux is one of the major cargo airlines in the world, providing regular flights and charter flights in every continent. The company has more than 45 years of experience and is ranked 10th is the world today in terms of the tons/kilometres transported ratio, and is currently the largest freight airline in Europe. Cargolux is one of Luxembourg's major employers and continuously seeks to operate responsibly by controlling its impact on the environment and surrounding populations, and by contributing to communities in its home country.

The Challenge

Cargolux's health and safety service implemented emergency procedures in order to be able to respond quickly to accidents or interruptions at the various locations in Luxembourg where the company operates. Cargolux's activities are divided between different buildings, which makes it difficult to locate a problem and quickly call teams to respond to it. Similarly, service interruptions on site also often risk interrupting the local means of communication, so management therefore chose a solution fully managed away from the site experiencing a problem.

The AlarmTILT® Solution

The AlarmTILT® system was deployed in a few hours and the system administrators were trained to establish their own alert procedures.

In the event of an incident, an emergency coordinator will be selected to activate the calls, check the team's responses and send en "end of emergency" notice through AlarmTILT®. "It is essential for effective crisis management to know who is available within a few minutes and direct them accordingly."

The Benefits

AlarmTILT® is a hosted service, helping Cargolux avoid an investment in equipment. The fact that the solution is managed outside the location where the crisis occurs is a bonus. The emergency teams can focus on resolving the problem without having to spend hours on the phone with their colleagues.

Luc Loschetter: "We greatly appreciate AlarmTILT®, this system enables us to provide the most current information to our emergency teams, management, our communication department etc. and guide them during the crisis situation. All the procedures and calls are recorded and archived. The health and safets service can improve procedures using experiences gleaned during emergency test procedures that take place internally on a regular basis."