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With a simple click, you can alert your entire contact list using any means of communication, including notifications, SMS, voice message, email or fax.
And your contacts will respond directly to.

The CMC (Crisis Management Centre) provides you with a virtual crisis unit enabling you to keep in contact with the appropriate managers and key players, wherever they may be in the world.

Trigger your crisis processes any way you like, either through a physical button, web interface, mobile application, SMS, email, etc. Connect AlarmTILT® to your monitoring system and automate alert triggering for even more efficiency!


Get a simple, intuitive interface to gain efficiency, even in an emergency situation. AlarmTILT® are available in various language: English, French or Flemish.
The crisis management centre will help you oversee that your procedures are properly operating and you can access reports to analyse your crisis management, through tests or a real crisis.

Using the mobile and tablet application will ensure that you benefit from AlarmTILT®’s full power right from your pocket!

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AlarmTILT secure mass alerting system

Secure and GDPR.

AlarmTILT®’s server infrastructure is redundant in different Europe-based sites, to ensure you get a high level of availability.

We regularly perform tests and are audited to guarantee maximum data security.

Providing higher levels of privacy to your contacts ensures that their contact information is hidden, even from AlarmTILT®.

Compliance with GPDR: Keep your data encrypted and confidential in compliance with european laws.


AlarmTILT® is a hosted solution (SaaS), so no installation is required. The tool is completely independent from your IT structure.
Since you access it through a web interface, you can use AlarmTILT® from anywhere.

Manage an emergency from wherever you are through the mobile application, which enables you to always have AlarmTILT® at your fingertips. Send and receive notifications through any of your connected devices for even more responsiveness.

connected mass alert software


Every professional must deal with different risks, in different working environments...
Our experts will customise AlarmTILT® to your needs, based on your business characteristics and your organisation.

Our specialists will create procedures designed specifically for your industry and will provide you with their crisis management expertise.

It only takes 90 minutes to learn how to use AlarmTILT®, and you will get personalised, accessible and responsive assistance.

Manage crisis and emergencies with efficiency!

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