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A notification system for better crisis management

Attempting crisis management without evaluating the risks and without implementing preventative measures exposes organisations to human, material and economic consequences. The impacts range from financial loss and damage to both image and reputation.
But can we expect the unexpected ?
Controlling your crisis risks by using a notification system will ensure that you aren’t improvising when "D-day" occurs.

AlarmTILT® is an emergency response plan automation solution that ensures reliable information flow and exchange, in complete security. We will help you develop your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and will work jointly with you to implement customised incident management plans to handle various situations or accidents. When a crisis occurs, roles and responsibilities will be known in advance.
Regular tests and simulations are performed to evaluate your plan’s effectiveness in order to identify its weaknesses, to make improvements, and to train and inform your entire organisation.

Why is it important to have a alerting system ?

Why is it important to have an alerting system ?

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abbl"AlarmTILT® reponds simply and perfectly to our notification needs. It is reassuring for us that everyone's contact information is always up to date."
Jean-Pierre Borsa, Banking, Technologies and Payments
The Luxembourg Bankers' Association (ABBL)

BIL"Of course I would recommend AlarmTILT® ! Not only because the product is good, but also because the service is wonderful. When we have a question, we get an answer right away, not three days later. It's encouraging to know that there are still people who take their work seriously."
Marc André, Corporate Information Security IS Risks Prevention
BIL Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

EFG"Thanks to AlarmTILT® we can launch our procedures immediately with a single click. The people involved are informed immediately, and the situation can be quickly resolved. With AlarmTILT®, we can monitor and control the communication from the beginning until the end of the incident. It would be unrealistic to expect to inform all stakeholders about the situation manually by making telephone calls."
Davy Lissoir, IT Administrator
EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A.

KBL"We have chosen AlarmTILT® for its proximity. It’s a product based in Luxembourg, which makes it easier for us to implement procedures. There is no need to look for another product abroad, AlarmTILT® has very good references."
Benoît Jacob, Head of Safety & Security / Business Continuity
KBL European Private Bankers S.A.

Le Foyer"Data security plays an important role in crisis communication. We chose AlarmTILT® to develop a BCP according to the European Directive. AlarmTILT® complies with the CNPD (Personal Data Protection), which is very important, especially here in Luxembourg."
Paul Fohl, Chief Risk Officer
Le Foyer

Banque Raiffeisen"When a crisis occurs, you have to work with urgency and under constant stress. Using AlarmTILT® has helped us improve our crisis communication. With AlarmTILT®, we have the contact information for all of our employees and other stakeholders, which enables us to have efficient "issue management"."
Patrick Borschette, Executive Assistant - Facility Management
Banque Raiffeisen

10 months after implementing AlarmTILT®, Raiffeisen Bank takes stock of the experience acquired ...

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SGBT"The support is professional and responds promptly to our needs. The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. After two hours of training, we understood how to use the system."
François Hansen, Domain Manager – Application Support Management
Société Générale Bank & Trust

Clearstream"AlarmTILT® is easy to manage, well-documented and based on tools we know. After the initial addition of the basic data, we no longer need to add information. Also, the product is available at all times. M-PLIFY's suppoert is excellent, which for me is absolutely necessary and indispensible."
Chevalier Mario Libonati, Head of Facility Management
Clearstream International S.A. - Deutsche Börse Group

EFA"Without a crisis communication tool, the stakeholders involved in an emergency situation must be contacted sequentially. Considering how many people are involved in the crisis organisation, contacting them would take us hours."
Jean-Denis Brix, Head of Organisation
European Fund Administration S.A.

BSCA"AlarmTILT®'s greatest advantage is its credibility. We really appreciate the ability to send, receive and to follow the most important information."
Pierre Halleux, Safety Manager / Fire-fighter
Brussels South Charleroi Airport S.A.

In March 2015, the Charleroi Airport emergency services were mobilised to test the effectiveness of the internal emergency response plan ...

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CARGOLUX"With AlarmTILT®, we implemented our own procedures and emergency call scenarios ourselves in compliance with our emergency manuals. We test them regularly by involving our internal emergency teams. In case of a major incident or an accident on site, these teams can be notified from anywhere using AlarmTILT®, through any means possible, wherever they may be. It is essential for efficient management of crisis to know who is available within a few minutes."
Luc Loschetter, Manager (Sr.), Occupational Health & Safety
Cargolux Airlines International S.A.

Cargolux's health and safety service implemented emergency procedures in order to be able to respond quickly to accidents or interruptions at the various locations in Luxembourg where the company operates ...

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Administration de la Navigation Aérienne"M-PLIFY with AlarmTILT® is a valuable partner when it comes to distribution of special weather phenomena from MeteoLux or in case of an emergency at Luxembourg airport. AlarmTILT® is flexible, adaptable and developed following our needs. Distributing a maximum of messages in a minimum of time saves time, man power and so also money."
Marc Mergen, Service CNS 
Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - Administration de la Navigation Aérienne

Ferrero"With AlarmTILT® we are certain that our team will be immediately notified in case of disruption, abnormal temperature fluctuations, fire or flood. The situation is monitored until someone responds to the call and ends the incident."
Jean-Pol Lauren, Site Director
Ferrero International S.A.

CTIE"AlarmTILT® has helped us reduce downtime considerably. The escalation procedures and the information return messages reassure us that our teams have handled all problems in a timely fashion."
Daniel Nickels, IT Advisor, 1st Class
Centre des technologies de l'information de l'Etat

Croix-rouge"Faced with a humanitarian crisis, the volunteer members of the ERU must be available 12 to 24 hours after activating the notification, for a duration of 3 weeks to a month. AlarmTILT® enables us to know our teams' availability at any time, 24/7, 365 days a year."
Marc Crochet, Director of Operations
Croix-Rouge Luxembourgeoise

Kelkoo"We are very satisfied using AlarmTILT®'s functionality internally. The support service is also wonderful in terms involvement."
Patrice Corporon, Expert Production Engineer
Kelkoo S.A.

CHRU"AlarmTILT® enables me to reach my employees very quickly during emergencies. The system we've implemented can serve as an example for other Samu and Hospital Centers, that want to improve their internal and external communication methods in emergency situation."
Doctor Jacques Texier, General Practicioner
CHRU - Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg

In 2008, HUS decided to replace its current alert system, carried out by employees and standard, by a automatical solution enable to manage, by a simple, quick ...

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Direction des Ponts et Chaussées"AlarmTILT® allows me to reach my employees very quickly during an emergency. Every activity, each message is tracked, allowing me to quickly establish accurate service quality reports. In addition, we can automatically notify the employees of neighbouring regional services, as well as the technical services of the affected towns, when we go out with our vehicles."
Manuel Wirtgen, Redange Regional Service Attendant
Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure Luxembourg - Direction des Ponts et Chaussées

CHC de Liège"In the old system, a person had to make telephone calls and became quickly overwhelmed. A reinforcement (backup) procedure could easily take a half-hour to an hour. The pre-configured automated system will enable us to notify all our reinforcements with a single click!"
Doctor Philippe Olivier, Medical Director
Centre Hospitalier Chrétien (CHC) de Liège

In 2011, shortly before the Place Saint-Lambert shooting, the CHC decided to invest in crisis communication in order to automate notifying the crisis unit and the doctors in the event a “MASH plan” (a protocol used to alert hospital services) was triggered ...

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Port de Anvers"Early warning system sending out information across the complete seaport of Antwerp regarding drugs, human trafficking, robberies, accidents, strikes, …"

Port de Anvers"Emergency evacuations and recall crisis cell in case of incidents. "

antwerpen"Integrated with the Belgian Directory Services, citizens get localised warnings and information over phone, sms and email from within the city emergency room simply by selecting polygons on a map"

zorg saam"Elderly homes use many of our services but mainly to share information on patients within teams, warn for Alzheimer patients crossing geofences, callback crisis teams for evactuation or fire, …"

Zoo of Antwerp "The Zoo of Antwerp is the oldest city zoo in Europe and has several wild animals located in the heart of its city center. Special containment plans are put into place to avoid contact of animals with the rest of the city. Our emergency mass communication services are used to close of parts of the zoo if necessary and to evacuate visitors using other exists.
The Zoo of Antwerp is part of KMDA and also contains the Planckendael Zoo, the Antwerp Opera, the Serpentarium in Ostend and a vast natural park in Limburg. Our services are used for all of these entities. "

cg power alarmtilt"PCG Power is the group around C Power, the wind energy park on the Thornton seabank. We deliver a custom 24/7 high-availability emergency line tracing helpdesk calls and sending mass sms. "

Aeroport de Paris" AlarmTILT® include the technicals team's call back procedures for the treatment of runs (for example after meterologicals events) like the triggering of the alert system to manage the commons incidents.
Deployed into like an intern channel, AlarmTILT® allow the airport team's to manage mass-notifications to their employees and partners. The global organization of airport include our notifications and emergencies system in the dayli operation."

yarra"Emergency evacuations and recall crisis cell in case of incidents."

Aeroport de Paris"Use AlarmTILT like an alert and emergency system to manage crisis within of all hospital of CHEM Group in order to guarantee a business continuity management and to manage all situations with an information channel targeted. Thanks to AlarmTILT, they can master all thier emergency processes and remain focused on patient care. "

AlarmTILT® is suitable for your needs

  • 2 different user roles
  • 2 dynamic selections
  • 2 agendas
  • 3 procedures
  • Receive notifications via all media
  • 5 different user roles
  • Unlimited dynamic selection
  • 10 agendas
  • Unlimited procedures
  • Receive notifications via all media
  • Customisable roles
  • Unlimited dynamic seletion
  • Unlimited agendas
  • Unlimited procedures
  • CMC - Crisis Mangement Center
  • Receive notifications via all media + Web


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