19 may 2015

AlarmTILT® Experience Day BCP/DRP & ERP

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A fire in your main building...

Without a crisis communication tool, all key personnel needs to be informed one by one. Given the multitude of persons involved in the handling of a crisis situation, contacting all of them would take many hours. 

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A system that manages your crisis communication automatically.

- Business Continuity Plan
- Disaster Recovery Plan
- Emergency Response Plan


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Your emergency plans are under control

Secure  Fast Customer focused
 Cost effective
Compliant with private data protection guidelines

Secured and encrypted access
 Inform key personnel within minutes

Have up to date contact details
 Different packages fitting your real needs

Pro-active Maintenance
 Available 24/7

Independence from your own infrastructure

Manageable implementation
 Automate your manual procedures

Detailed audit reports

A fire in your main building ...


We often hear that in such a situation, BCP Managers take their business continuity plan and call the involved people manually.
Do you think that this is the best way to proceed !?
There are other approaches !


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Our customers talk about us...

Using AlarmTILT® gave us a significant improvement for our crisis communication. Thanks to AlarmTILT®, our teams can be alerted from any place, by any means of communication and wherever they are.
Patrick Borschette, Attaché à la Direction - Facility Management
Banque Raiffeisen
Luc Loschetter, Manager (Sr.), Occupational Health & Safety
Cargolux Airlines International S.A.